Jack "The Italian" Giachino owns Giachino Studios in Aurora, CO, and specializes in pinstriping, airbrush art, flames, and design work.
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               February 2, 2011

They’re at it again! February 18-20 the World of Wheels will be held at Milwaukee’s State Fair Park and the stripers are back in town. The “Pinstripe Legends” has continued to expand to become one of the most respected Pinstriping fundraisers in the country. The original twenty participants have swelled to over seventy and every year the bar has been raised on the quality and caliber of the art. Auctions are held daily to allow show goers to bid on and hopefully acquire their favorite pieces of Kustom Kulture Art. 

Over the course of the eight year existence of this event the “Pinstripe Legends “ have raised over $300000 for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. No small achievement in itself but one that everyone involved is proud of and the artists unselfishly donate their time and art to. To round off the program a Lifetime Achievement Award is presented yearly to an individual who is an “innovator and perpetuator in the world of Kustom Kulture Art.
In a time where there seems to be more bad news than good I’m happy to share this with you and to be a part of a group of individuals who promote the Kustom Kulture and who don’t think twice about sharing their talents with those a little less fortunate. To all the other organizations and individuals that are holding the same type of events across the nation,…… THANK YOU! YOU ROCK! 

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